Author's Note

One of the interesting things about growing older is that you are given the opportunity to look back and reflect on where you've been: the people, the places, and the situations that have shaped you.

The front cover of this album, my latest release,  "ONE  HEART  AT  A  TIME", captures the images of two people inseparable from my life's journey. The young lady on the left is my mother at age 23 and the gentleman on the right is my father at age 28. The black and white photograph freezes them in time, but to me they still vibrate in living color. I see them staring at the camera, full of youthful confidence, and I realize it was their confidence in me that allowed me to explore the creativity which has become a major component of my life.
Dad used to say, "Respect the pennies and the dollars will take care of themselves." This is how I see my songs: filling up this world,


Barry Stagg - 2018


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